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What Steel Mills Really Look For In A Scrap Metal Supplier

Stand By Your Product

Scrap metal is a commodity made of obsolete material so problems can happen. The steel mill melt shop manager knows that scrap metal is inconsistent you don’t need to reiterate that your product isn’t a widget. Do you whisper that you’re not going to do anything about it because you get away with it at the next steel mill or do you try to solve the problem? Steel mills understand extra processing cost extra money, do your best to solve the problem and let the mill know how much it cost you to continue to do so. Taking the extra step to help solve the problem means a ton.

Say What You Do And Do What You Say

It’s easy to over-sell the quality of your material and promise the world when you’re hungry to do additional business. The steel mill melter is used to the ole "show and go pile" trick. Don’t be offended when the mill buyer doesn’t believe you. Be clear what your material is or isn’t and if you think it’s a product that demands a premium in the marketplace bring several data samples to back up that claim.

Performance Means Something

In today’s world logistics are tough and as scrap metal price increases, we will see higher volume creating an additional shortage of trucks and gondola railcars. Do your best to perform on your orders in a timely fashion. It won’t go unnoticed.

Easy Business Is The Best Business

After getting in enough pickles, it can be easy that being "cagey" becomes your default. Are you consistently in the no business or trying to make things harder than they have to be? When a steel mill tries to have a conversation about something are you threatening business every step of the way or trying to grow and improve? Life is too short to make every little issue a big deal. Relationships really are the core of this industry so make an extra step to do what is not only required of you but to do what is right. We are all connected in some manner it will pay dividends later.

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