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Live Virtual Training 

Stop wasting your most VALUABLE resource, your time! Train your team like never before and instantly see the reward.

What you'll get:

  • No more buying DIRT or other nonconforming materials across your scale with a properly trained scale house staff. 

  • This course teaches you what does and more importantly what does NOT make a SAFE and QUALITY scrap package.

  • INSTANTLY reduce your rejections and warnings (even with that brand new crane operator you just hired)!

In the live webinar events, we watch the videos together and take time to answer all your questions ensuring the training is absorbed and goes into practice in just a few short hours. The attendees are quizzed and issued a Certificate of Scrap upon completion.

This entire program is only $495.

If you’re a do everything yourself type company and want to pay the cost of your own lessons, we are not a good match! This program took my decade of experience working in steel mills and foundries into hours. We partner with companies that are growing and scaling their business and employees and don’t want to the costly effects of rejections.

How a $495 Training program saves you $4,000 a year?

The average scrap yard has 2 rejections a year, how many did you receive last year? Let's assume the freight cost was only $700 a truck, pay that to and from your local steel mill, and another $600 to rework the material. That $2,000 a rejection! Do that twice and you have 4x your investment. 

Schedule your four, 45-minute Lunchtime Learning Sessions now!

"This course material as a whole was very well done. Everything was easy to understand. It was cleanly presented and to the point. Having new hires take this course is exactly what I was thinking. I remember when I was first hired I felt a little in the dark as to what I was supposed to be looking at and what to be looking out for. That’s even after reading through the standard practice training forms we have. You did a great job presenting all the nuances of ferrous scrap. I learned quite a bit and am eager to get out there and apply the skills I have learned!"   

- Andrew C.

Reach out now to schedule your team's certified training! 

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100% Guarantee: If your company has a rejection on a material we didn’t cover within one year after the training then you can receive 100% of your money back.

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