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Scrap Metal Market Update

The case for the ๐Ÿƒ:

- Turkey 80:20 HMS is up $44 / MT. $352 to $396 (+12.5%).

The case for the ๐Ÿป:

- Iron ore is down $114.45 to $104.76 (-8.5%).

- USA HRC is down $845 to $778 MoM (-8%).

- China Steel Rebar is down $41,22 โ€“ $3,873 MoM (-6%).

- Crude Oil is down $98.61 โ€“ $89.31 (-9.5%).

- Shred Feed is down $153 to 1$40 MoM (-8.5%)

- Global Steel Production is down 6.5% YoY.

Worth mentioning:

- Based on generic yields and Chicago AMM pricing busheling presents a cost savings opportunity of $50-70 / GT over shredded scrap for most steel mills.


Check out the Scrap Factor Report:

Monthly Scrap Factor Report Sept 2022
Download PDF โ€ข 3.35MB

A Scrap Life's Bulls vs Bears Podcast for June will be out soon, check out the link below.

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