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Scrap Metal Market Update

The ferrous scrap metal market is a unique one truly driven by supply and demand. Learn about what the key indicators are doing month over month in this Scrap Metal Market Update Series.

The case for the ๐Ÿƒ:

- Crude oil is up 7%

- Pig iron is up $59 to $622 / MT

- Zorba is up 8 cents to 79 cents

- Turkey HMS is up $40 to $525 / MT

- HRC downward pricing momentum has stopped

The case for the ๐Ÿป:

- Consumer confidence continues lower

- Inflation continues to move higher

- Steel leads times on HRC US Midwest remains under 4 weeks

Worth mentioning:

Steel production has trended down the last 3 weeks in the Midwest while the South has trended up.

Monthly Scrap Factor Report March 2022
Download PDF โ€ข 3.14MB

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