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Scrap Metal Market Update

The ferrous scrap metal market is a unique market truly driven by supply and demand. Learn about what the key indicators are doing in this monthly Scrap Metal Market Update Series.

The case for the Bulls:

- Crude Oil jumped from $65 to $76 / barrell MoM

- Iron Ore jump $93 to $112 / ton MoM


The case for the Bears: 

- Pig iron dropped $568 to $548 / ton MoM

- Crude Steel Production decline

- HRC dropped $1,610 to $1,421 MoM

- Imports continue to rise

- Import HRC lead times down to 3.5 week lead time.

- Turkey HMS down $40ish per ton dollars since November

Monthly Scrap Factor Report January 2022
Download PDF • 3.06MB

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